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The Solstice Blog Hop

The tomb of Christopher Columbus (Seville cath...

The tomb of Christopher Columbus (Seville cathedral, Spain) Français : Tombeau de Christophe Colomb (Cathédrale de Séville, Espagne) Česky: Kolumbova tumba v Katedrále v Seville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Face Christopher Columbus Face Christopher Columbus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following Helen Hollick’s successful Maritime Blog Hop earlier this year, she has invited us to join her in a Solstice Blog Hop on 21 December.  As well as maritime stories Helen writes books about King Arthur and the theme for the Solstice Blog Hop is The Dark  Ages.  However, she assures us that we can choose our own Dark Ages, any corner of the past where the light of history shines but dimly.

I have chose to contribute a story about Christopher Columbus.  This may seem surprising, since surely Columbus is the most famous man in history?  Well King Arthur must run him a close second and we are not sure that he even existed.

Columbus certainly existed and the latter part of his life, from about age forty, is exceptionally well documented.  What we think we know about his earlier life depends largely on his own unreliable testimony.  Who would not polish up their CV when applying for a government grant or romanticise somewhat when telling the children about an eventful life?

Columbus stepped into History in 1485 when he knocked on the door of the monastery of Santa Maria de la Ribida in southern Spain to beg a bed for the night, explaining to the abbot that he had fled from Portugal (we don’t know why).  He was leading a donkey – or maybe a mule – on which was seated a five year old infant and which carried two panniers of possessions, one of them full of books. He was a destitute, unemployed, single parent, illegal immigrant and it it took him seven years to make his adopted country the envy of the world.

So who was he, how did he do it and why?  I will put up a page on this blog nearer the Solstice titled ‘Which Way to Paradise.

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