The literary life of EDWARD JAMES, author,reviewer, occasional poet and former pension adviser to the government of Kyrgyzstan

Ships and Secrets

Bristol Dock and SS Great Britain 2014 06 28 (24)Ed aboard SS Gt Britain 2014 06 28 (2)I don’t intend this to be a museums blog but I’ve been to two more spectacular museums recently and although they are both well known in the UK I get a lot of views on this blog from elsewhere, particularly the USA, so you may like to note them.

The first is a ship, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, berthed at Bristol in the dry dock where she was built in 1843. Not only was this the first propeller driven iron ship to cross the Atlantic it was several different ships in its long seagoing career – luxury liner, emigrant ship, troopship, bulk carrier (now a windjammer) on the Australia run, and finally coal store. Here is a shot of its graceful clipper bow and myself posing as Brunel.

The other museum was a government office, Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes, home to GCHQ before it came to Cheltenham. This is the code-braking centre where WW2 was won (or at least considerably shortened) and where arguably the computer was invented. Here is the iconic shot of the house and a view of the internal wiring of one of the decryption machines.IMG_0529IMG_0535


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