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Meet Ian Ross

When I was at school we learned about the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43 and Boadicea’s revolt in AD60 and then we drew pictures of villas and hypocausts until we came to the Roman withdrawal in 410.  Seemingly nothing happened between the conquest and the withdrawal except house-building and attending to the central heating.

It was only later that I discovered that Britannia seceded from the Roman Empire four times.  The first three attempts ended with the reconquest of Britain by the Continental legions.  At the fourth attempt the commander of the garrison at York decided on a pre-emptive conquest of the Empire, such that he eventually became emperor Constantine the Great and shifted the capital to Constantinople.  This was the beginning of the Christian political take-over of the Empire with momentous consequences for world history.

How refreshing then to find an author who is writing a series about Roman Britain at the time of Constantine.  He is Ian Ross and he has begun the series with ‘The  War at the  Edge of the World’ about an expedition against the Picts. This may have been the edge of the world but Britain  was soon to be centre-stage.ROSS_01_War at the Edge of the World

See my page MEET IAN ROSS


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