The literary life of EDWARD JAMES, author,reviewer, occasional poet and former pension adviser to the government of Kyrgyzstan

Those Were the Days

Raising the Flag

Last month I had a most unexpected invitation.  The headmaster of my old school, which I left over 60 years ago, asked me to speak at the old scholars’ reunion.  Supposedly I was to talk about my publications, but I could not resist telling them what life was like at the school in the 1950’s.

You will find the text of my speech on the page of this blog with the same title as this post.  It contains my confession that I once hoisted a Hammer and Sickle flag from the church tower of St Peter’s Sandwich.

For those unfamiliar with SE England, Sandwich is on the Kent coast and until the late middle Ages was the premier  port in England.  It is now a small, beautifully preserved late medieval gem.  My  old school is Sir  Roger Manwood’s School which was founded in the town (although Manwoods (2)ISandwich Barbican (2).St Peters Sandwichnot on the present site) in 1563.


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