The literary life of EDWARD JAMES, author,reviewer, occasional poet and former pension adviser to the government of Kyrgyzstan


I have been a review editor for Historical Novels Review, the journal of the Historical Novel Society, for ten years now.  There are five UK reviewers and four in the USA.  Each of us co-ordinates a team of a dozen or more reviewers; I and my team handle about 15 books every quarter, of which I may review three or four.  Over the years this means we have reviewed about 600 books of which I have personally reviewed about 150.  I ran out of shelf space in my study long ago, so all those that I can bear to part with go to Oxfam.

Recently I have begun to write longer pieces, not strictly reviews but feature articles of about 1000 words, as special features for the HNS website.  Hitherto I have not published these on my blog, but why not?  My latest article was about the book Sky Girls, which you will find on the page of this blog under that title.  Previously I have featured The Last Ballad by Wiley Cash, The Islam Quinet, a series of five novels by Tariq Ali, The Train to Crystal City by Jan Russell and The Wall by A G Adler. You will find all these articles on the HNS website – https://historicalnovelsociety.org/ .  All these books are well worth reading.


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