The literary life of EDWARD JAMES, author,reviewer, occasional poet and former pension adviser to the government of Kyrgyzstan




I was a Demo virgin

At the age of sixty three.

It takes a lot of urgin’

To move a man like me.


I sat through all the Nuclear Years

And shunned the C N D.

Not without my private fears,

But what will be, will be.


I never missed a riot,

 I watched them on T V.

For I love my peace and quiet

Much more than Liberty.


It took another Desert War

We didn’t need to fight

To get us Jameses through the door

Into the broad daylight.


Thousands of us marched that day;

From around the realm we came.

I carried my placard all the way;

‘Not in my Name! Not in my Name!’


It didn’t stop the dying,

It went on just the same,

But at least I wasn’t lying:

‘Not in my Name! Not in my Name!’


‘The time has come’, the General said,

‘To capture Basra town.

Across the desert you’ve been led

To this final, great Showdown.’


‘To write it down in History,

They’ve been choosing fancy names.

It no longer is a mystery.



Location of Basra

Location of Basra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not in my Name, not in my Name!

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