The literary life of EDWARD JAMES, author,reviewer, occasional poet and former pension adviser to the government of Kyrgyzstan

Freedom’s Pilgrim relaunched

    Freedom’s Pilgrim has been relaunched with a new publisher, Endeavour Press.  It’s still at the same price (£2.99) and you can still get it on Amazon, but they … Continue reading

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Open Novella Competition

Christmas has come early!  I’ve just had news that I have won 2nd prize in the National Association of Writers’ Groups Open Novella Competition.  The prize is £200 towards the … Continue reading

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Meet Melvyn Bragg

Last year I interviewed Melvyyn Bragg who had recently published his latest historical novel Now is the Time, about the Peasants Revolt in England in the 14th century.  The book … Continue reading

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The winners of The Cheltenham Prize, the short story competition organised by Cheltenham Writers’ Circle, were announced at the awards ceremony yesterday afternoon (9th October).  They are listed in cheltprize.wordpress.com … Continue reading

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The Impossible Walk

I’ve decided to  start a third novel – which isn’t to say I will finish it.  So I’ve written the Prologue which you will find on this blog as a … Continue reading

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The Battle of Hastings wasn’t fought at Hastings and William the Conqueror didn’t land here (the events took place at Battle and Pevensey respectively), but Hastings in Sussex does have … Continue reading

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Birmingham Back-to-Backs

The back-to-backs were a type of working class housing which was common in the cities of Northern England and the Midlands in the 19th century and most of which have … Continue reading

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